tenant screening and their risque source of income

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I have a potential tenant...

Works as a "hostess" at a gentleman's club. Makes about 45k a year but can't provide formal proof due to the nature of the job being mostly tips. Has 2 kids and friend who makes about 26k a year willing to share a 3 br 1 bath with her and the kids. 

Friend has w2 jobs and better credit than she does. She has <550 score which is below my 600 screening.

The tenant has 4 dings on her credit score. One main one is that there is a $7500 collections that is on going from her old rental. This is supposedly due to breaking up with her former significant other. She moved out but her name was on the lease and he didn't pay. Although her eviction search came out clean. 

She currently lives with her parents who are selling the home and she is trying to look for a place to live asap in regards to move in date.

She is willing to pay 7 months in advance and provide documents of everything else my criteria requests. ex. professional, landlord reference, bank statements.

Opinions?...7 months in advance for a one year lease...

@Chris Lin this one has red flags everywhere. I especially don't like the $7500 collections from another rental. If your property is located in a decent area, move on. If you own a C or D class property, you may need to take a chance on folks like this. I personally would not though. The friend actually scares me more than the "hostess". 

There's a few reasons I would deny her...and one of them is not because of her job. First, the collections from previous LL. If  you can contact that LL and get his/her side of the story and it's the same as the one she told you, then maybe I'd look past that. Second, the roommate thing...roommate situations rarely work out, esp. if one of the roommates has kids. Third, paying rent 7 months in advance. When potential tenants try to "bribe" you with advance payments or extra rent, they're trying to hide something. What type of area is this rental in? That may change my opinion a little bit.

It is a class C area. I have gotten a lot of inquiries. About 80% are section 8 tenants. 15% have red flags, mainly credit issues, foreclosures on previous homes type of issues. 5% meets my criteria. I brought up the idea of possibly giving more rent in advance because of her all of her issues as a way to see if she was genuine as to really wanting the place because she clearly does not meet my criteria. 

It is a weird situation because she said her friend also lives with her at her parents currently. I do plan to fully screen her friend too. And I do plan to calling the previous landlords as it is part of my screening process. I just never had this combo all in one situation before so its a little difficult to process.

I would worry mainly about the $7500 in collections and the 7 months of rent up front. Job isn’t an issue... but like the previous poster said, lots of other red flags!!

Do you like drama?  That is what you will probably get with these tenants.  I personally like tenants that just go to work, go to school, go home, and pay their rent on time.

$7500 due in collections but she can advance 7 months of rent?... No thanks. HaHa 

@Chris Lin I would install a heavy duty 3“ dIameter pole in the center of the living room for her and her friend to help supplement her income during slow weeks . Adding some ceiling mirrors would also be a nice touch as well . If your going to turn your rental into a brothel it might as well be the best one in town ! In all seriousness why on earth would you even consider these two “ ladies” ? ... Hard pass