LVP Durability in a college rental

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Hi BP,

So many people here recommend LVP in rentals and I'm curious to know how durable it is. We just closed on our first property in a small college town and I'm far from ignorant... Can LVP withstand a keg being dragged across it? I understand it is waterproof which is a plus but every person over the age of 50 I talk to only has bad to say about vinyl. 


Hey Matt

I’m one of those guys that had hangups when someone mentioned vinyl flooring because it raised images of that cheap, peeling laminate that was easily cut and invariably began pulling up, flaking and cracking.  Then I got educated on newer vinyls.  

I’ve used LVP in 4 rentals with the oldest floor coming in at 6 years.  It all still looks great.    The better quality ones are extremely durable and sometimes difficult to distinguish from wood.  I still refinish wood flora if a rental has them, but if I am replacing carpet or another covering, I go with LVP.  

I could imagine a commercial level LVP could handle a few keg parties.  That stuff is bulletproof.