Single Family Rental with Wheelchair Ramp

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I have been out of the landlord business for a VERY long time.  I now have a single family house that I'm going to rent.  It has an ADA compliant ramp built into the garage.  It turned a 2 car garage into a 1 car garage, but a person can pull a car into the garage, shut the garage door, and still easily get up the ramp.  My plan is to move the washer & dryer from the basement to the 1st floor (a trivial plumbing job), and find someone, maybe from the country, to show me what needs to be changed in the kitchen and bathroom to make the place really accessible.

My other option is to remove the ramp and make it a 2 car garage again.  I'm going to try making it a handicapped rental first.  Has anyone ever done something like this?  My goal is just to get a stable tenant, long term if possible, who doesn't trash the place.

@Tom McQuinn

I suggest enlisting an architect and the city/county on this.  There is a list of items needed to make the home truly accessible including:

  • Bathroom renovation
    • The should be able to turn a wheelchair around 
    • Add grab bars for the toilet and tub/shower
  • Change all of the door hardware to handles
  • Lower home controls including thermostat and possibly switches 

Good luck

Yeah, I reached out to a friend who's a social worker and I think she can get me in touch with the county folks.

This may or may not be a good idea.  The bathroom is small and has an old brick chimney in the wall that would ideally be removed to make space.  We'll see what the county says.  Less than perfection may be acceptable if I'm able to make some changes that don't break the bank.  Having the circuit breakers in the basement could be an issue as well.  But I'm sure others have had this same design and found ways to deal with it (a relative or whatever).