Firing a Contractor. Paint isnt all that.

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I'm debating about getting rid of the contractor I hired to paint. He came through the first time and acted all good and great about the work. Gave me a really good deal. I shopped around plenty for other painters and he wasn't even the cheapest, i had others charge me less and of course others that would charge me more. He came twice to double check everything i specifically told him what all i needed done. This guy is an old family friend, and i thought he was good at painting. Turns out he is a re modeler and does a bit of everything. I was looking for strictly a painter !
The work is ok, but it looks like he is leaving things out. Caulking and Puddy is a must and alot of places are missing this. He is hiring out people to do the work. He has a sprayer out there that i dont like how he is doing it. They already started spraying the enamal and things are still missing the caulk and puddy. Everything should have been vacummed good too before. They haven't started on the kitchen which has the greatest amount of work. I dont want to risk it. I have a contract and all with him, and already gave him a deposit.

I'm going to talk to him today and go over issues. I dont like to beat around the bush.
if push comes to shove, How do i go about firing him? I guess he can take me to small claims court or put a lien on my house which i want to avoid.

Yes in TX it is pretty easy for these guys to put a lien on this house.  Right or wrong, you still have to deal with it.

Don't fire him today.  Find a resolution, and make it clear what needs to be done, before moving on to the kitchen.  Make sure he understand that he WILL get paid for the work that he has done, but you need it done right before he moves on with the rest of it.  

Then give it a day or two and if it just isn't happening, then give him his pro-rated check and let him walk.  If he threatens you with a contractors lien, then you'll have to decide if just paying him and paying somebody else to do it over is cheaper than dealing with court costs.

@Mark Sewell He isnt answering. Im going to have an actual painter meet me out there today. see what all is missing and then ima go from there.