Is this a good deal for my first property?

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Aweful deal.  Are the rents way below market?  They are very low for that kind of purchase price.  Also, FYI, there’s no way the insurance is that low on a rental property.

Maybe my perspective is skewed from Baltimore's exorbitant rates, but the taxes seem awfully low for a 525k sale price - what is the property assessed at? Also, is this a reposition play or are you buying mostly turn key? What is the unit mix - 1BR/2BR/3BR etc.? 

@Matthew Parkhurst Well The income is terrible for a property that is over half a million dollars . cash flow Is non existent. Your personal income isn’t very good either to be going into such a deal like this . Any bank would laugh at you at 20 years old and 50k salary trying to get a 550k property !