Property Management Software

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Hello BP - We own 16 rental properties and are transitioning from a property manager to self management. During this period I want to get comfortable with a PM software that is both landlord and tenant friendly. We are looking for the following capabilities:

  • accepts tenant payments
  • tenants can submit maintenance issues
  • general ledger for landlord
  • track expenses
  • robo calls and emails
  • landlord/tenant email capability

If anyone has some suggestions I'd be so happy to hear. Thanks in advance.

Hey guys! I'm new to the Bigger Pockets community, so i'm happy to see something I can contribute to. 

I only own a handful of rentals myself, and have been extremely satisfied using innago. They do pretty much everything on your list (I don't believe they have robo calls, just automated email) and have great customer service too. That was something i've had issue with other places. Definitely worth looking into.

Hope this helps!