House hacking Flooring recommendation

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Bought a house with basement & am house hacking. I plan to live above & rent out basement. I was planning to use Rigid Core LVP light color for main living areas for both levels & carpet in all bedrooms & 6 step stairs going up & 6 step stairs going to basement. 

What’s your experience with Rigid Core LVP with light color? Do you recommend it? It is priced higher than a laminate vinyl plank flooring . 

I am also debating if I should use the same Rigid Core LVP on the stairs match instead of carpeting it for ease of cleanup and not having to vacuum but keeping in mind that it is light wood grain pattern quite taupe in color ) would that show stains & dirt fast? I don’t want to stress about cleanup and   maintainence. 

Hello and welcome to this site Alma!  Please forgive me but I may tell you something you do not agree with but nothing is said to insult you.  I owned a flooring company for about 5 years before I had some medical problems that left me bedridden for about 71/2 years.  That being said I think I know a good solution to your flooring issue. You did not say if you are going to hire professional installers or do it yourself.  At the very least, I would would talk to a professional installer and get their opinion on the flooring product.  I would definitely suggest a "wood flooring" on the stairs instead of carpet for the cleaning reason.  Do not take a cheap route.

What you might do on the stairs is to install a different color from the same product you end up using everywhere else. If you end up using a product that contains real wood you might be required to let the flooring "acclimate" for a few days before the area where it will be installed.  Just to let you know an additional thing you need to do is to keep some of the material used in case you have a repair later and using the same material assures you on the color whether it is still available or not.

You are going to love this next statement.  A single unit rental has a 59/50 of not losing your money.  The more units, the better chance you'll have of making them succeed and any unexpected vacancy will not be so painful.  Just hope their is strong demand and you do not have a dis-occupancy that is unexpected.  If you ever get a notice of a move out be ready to turnover that unit and get it move in ready as soon as you can to minimize the down time.

I do understand the "house hacking" loan but 3 or 4 unit house would have decreased the pain of a vacancy.  A Partnership on an apartment complex of 30 or more units would greatly enhance your endeavor to make it and also afford to hire a Property Management Company that would do the daily operations.  Save twice what you think a turnover should cost in a reserve account used for repairs and turnovers.

Good luck to you!

Be careful renting out a basement.  Does it pass all of the requirements for a legal apartment — egress, window size, etc.  If not it’s a liability issue.