Preventing Lame Duck Tenant Damage

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I have a tenant who can be erratic & make poor decisions that have effected my condo community and pissed off the HOA, neighbors & me to no end, so I've chosen not to renew his lease. My concern is that he is really unhappy with the lease not being renewed, as he loves the condo. Since I don't know the extent of what he might do in the remaining couple months, I'm concerned that he may damage the condo or building in some retaliatory way, or do something else troubling.

Is there any advice or actions I might take to minimize my concerns?  

Thx in advance for any answers.

@Jeff Gerst I would offer him cash for keys. Threats are likely not going to work with a person like this. Sounds like you want him out now and money motivates a lot of people.

Make it contingent on the condo being in good condition and professionally cleaned so that the expectation is set before handing him over any money.

If he breaks the lease or does anything illegal you can evict him but other than that you may just have to ride it out unless you do cash for keys as Will suggested. If you are really that worried do an inspection now with pictures so you have evidence if he does further damage.