ROI for vinyl planking on a new duplex in Houston

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Good Morning! I am currently in the final part of a "new" building duplex in Houston. The first new build I have been involved with. With other SFH rehabs in other parts of the country I have had vinyl planking installed in the bedrooms whenever possible. I would like to do the same with this duplex and have no carpet. This will come at additional cost from what I was originally quoted. Builder states that the normal vinyl planking is throughout living areas except bedrooms and stairs for a cost of $5,884.19 for each side or $11,768.38 total. If I want vinyl planking throughout the entire house except for stairs it is $8,592.89 or $17,185.78 total, for the entire house each side is $9,519.51 or $19,039.02 total.

Total cost for entire duplex (both sides):

Normal regular install with carpet in the Bedroom: $11,768.38

Everything with Planking except stairs: $17,185.78 or $5,417.40 extra

Everything including stairs: $19,039.02 or $7,270.64 extra

The carpet installation for both sides is $2,632.48 for the Normal install.

For a long term buy and hold I am still leaning towards the planking of everything. Or do I consider this after several years of renting and then change out later once I build up CAPEX. I do not know the normal wear and tear time frame for carpeting in the bedrooms and stairs? 5 years or 10 years. Not sure but I a thinking that it may be cheaper to do it now than later.

But as this is my first new build, I would like to hear from some of you with more experience in this area and your thoughts.

I appreciate the feedback and have a great day!



I've seen quite a few flips and new construction homes moving towards vinyl plank. I think it looks a little "fancier" than carpet for not much more per sq ft.  If you were selling it, I would probably do vinyl plank in main areas and carpet in the bedrooms. For some reason, a lot of people still like carpet in bedrooms.  If you keep it as a rental, I would just do it all now and get it out of the way. There is also a chance that the vinyl plank you install in the living areas could end up being discontinued if you choose to only do part of it. 

@Tim Greenfield "I do not know the normal wear and tear time frame for carpeting in the bedrooms and stairs? 5 years or 10 years."

My experience:  (1) The life expectancy of carpet in a rent house could be a short as 6 months or 1 year, (2) in an attempt to harden and tenant proof my rent houses, I use a lot of vinyl and wood laminate plank, (3) Vinyl or wood plank lasts much, much longer than carpet and (4) the prices quoted to you for vinyl or wood planking in the Houston area seems ridiculously high for a standard size (square foot) duplex.

I use cheap laminate flooring.  Costs about $1.50/sf INSTALLED (materials and labor).  What you use depends a lot on your rental/sales market. 

@John T. - I am out of state so I do not know what the normal rate for Houston would be: I have the following: 

Each side is 1,954 sq ft or 3,188 total. 

Normal with carpet is 3.69 a sq ft; 

extra planking in bedrooms except stairs is 5.39 a sq ft or 1.70 more.; 

All vinyl planking throughout including stairs is 5.97 a sq ft or 2.26 extra. 

The product is Luxury Vinyl Plank Glue down Lyndon NLP205 and is 2.0 mm