Newbie handyman question

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We have bought 7 properties this year, all rented. Have been using our trusted subcontractors for all repairs.  Was just approached by a handyman who wants us to use him.  There are no license requirements in our state and he is not someone I know personally.  Do you typically have people fill out application and do background check? I do not feel comfortable sending a stranger into occupied units, currently only used him in a vacant unit.

@Leslie Wood I would definitely take it slow, especially if he approached you and not vice a versa. I would also make sure to be present for his repairs in any occupied units. I typically have my handymen schedule with the tenants now so that the tenant is home, but with a newer handyman I like to be there as well. 

I know this story is a little different than your concern but the outcome should be the same.

A few years ago we leased to a new tenant and she was adamant on not having our extremely trusted handyman back in her unit. The tenants reasoning was, "He made her feel uncomfortable". Obviously if something were to happen we could be held liable in our litigious society. So we approached the handyman about allowing us to fully vet him. At first he was completely offended and we thought, oh no there might be something here. A week passed and he came to see me and agreed to do it. This gentlemen still handles all of our issues in that city.

Morel of this story is we almost lost a huge asset to our business over this but in the end we know it was the responsible thing to do. 

No, this doesn't protect anyone but we now know he isn't a convicted_____________. You fill in the box.

And he's an excellent driver.