Switch to natural gas?

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Hi everyone, I have a 4 unit that still uses oil for baseboard heat. I was wondering I other investors would switch to natural gas immediately or would they hang on to oil for another winter? I do not think I have the funds to cover an entire conversion at around 4-9k. Is it possible to finance this switch?
I don’t think that oil itself is a bad heating method. I wouldn’t switch it out just because. It’s sometimes a bit more expensive, you have to deal with deliveries, etc. but it’s not worth an immediate replacement for those reasons. I have a SFH rental with oil and it does quite fine. The tenants pay for the oil, and I give a bit of a rebate back to them on the cost as I do know its a bIt more expensive - though some of that could also have to do with a poorly insulated house.
@Mike McCarthy thanks Mike! Yeah the house fortunately is decently insulated with newer double pane windows, vinyl siding with some added insulation. After switching the hot water separate electric tanks the oil tank stayed full much longer even with the furnace still running like it did to keep the house warm. I just have no idea if a switch to natural gas would be a much bigger savings. The oil furnace is really old too though so perhaps I could just find a newer oil furnace?

I would switch to electric baseboard and make tenants pay for their heat via their electric bill . I don’t care if it costs 7 grand .to switch .,. It will pay for itself eventually 

In my primary home we switched from oil to natural gas. Our furnace died so we decided to switch. We noticed a huge difference in heating costs. The gas company handled everything from running the new gas line to installing the new furnace. They even offered their own financing. I would call your local gas company and see what they have to say. A lot of times they have rebates/promotions going on. 

You say the current furnace is old. It might be a good idea to replace it sooner than later because if it dies during the winter and you want to switch to natural gas, you'd have to wait until spring. They don't run gas lines in the winter and I don't think your tenants would want to use space heaters for 3-4 months.