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Does anyone actually end up showing your apt/house from Facebook. I get a lot of "Is it available" I answer them but never get any response back and never end up showing it to anyone from facebook.

@Jim S. We only list our appts on Facebook. You’ll get a lot of inquires that won’t turn into anything though. However, you can streamline this by putting a system in place. Our first step is income verification. Once some inquires, we respond with a very polite request for income verification. This will weed out the people who aren’t serious quickly for you. After that, we schedule a phone screening at a specific time. If they miss the appointment, we block hem on FB and move on. Next step is a walk through at a specific time. If they miss that, we block them... This screening process has worked out great and lead to great tenants. My thought is if they can’t treat this process like a job interview or some other important priority in their life, then paying rent on time won’t be a priority for them either.

@Mike Dorneman - would you mind walking me through the Facebook listing? Do you attach it to your personal profile? For several reasons, I'd rather not do that - can I just create a company profile and do it that way? If so - is it the marketplace that you're posting in?

I've been doing the "Call me at [a future date and time] for a phone screening to weed out folks and I'm getting a TON of tire-kickers on Zillow (and their propagators) and craigslist. I need to try Facebook but am just unsure of how/where to start.  Thanks for any tips!

I tried it briefly and I was inundated with realtors and no real prospects. I do much better with Zillow, Cozy, Craigslist. We had ours set up so it did not cross paths with our personal profile, in marketplace.

Following this myself. I've used Craigslist and Zillow/Trulia. One property I have up currently has been there for exactly 1 week, and I've received about 50 e-mails/inquiries as a result; but I've only shown the property 3 times.

This is because a lot of people are tire kickers, and if you get past tire kickers, some people don't meet the income requirements, find something else, are lazy, etc. I don't want to waste my time showing the property to 50 people over the course of a week who probably couldn't live there anyway.

I do not understand all the tire-kickers.  It's just bizarre because it's such waste of time, even for the tire-kicker!  I was a renter for almost 20 years before I bought my first home (duplex).  I did front-end research...less than 30 minutes...and then only contacted 1-2 apartment complexes and/or landlords at a time for the places I was the most interested in.  What's the point of taking the time to contact a bunch of people/companies, just to ignore the very requests I sent out.  I don't get it.

Even worse, I've sometimes had potential tenants tell me things like, "I really like the place!  But I have 3 more showings today and 5 more tomorrow.  I'll let you know."  Wow.  For a rental.  Okay.  I didn't go to that many showings to buy my house, lol!  Though I did do a lot of "pre-elimination", just by driving past a house for sale and seeing it's neighborhood/condition.   

@Christen G. I use my personal profile and list it in the market place. You will get a lot of responses and many won’t be a good fit, but over time I’ve stream lined my process and usually have a place rented in about 4-5 days.
Originally posted by @Mike Dorneman :
@Christen G. I use my personal profile and list it in the market place. You will get a lot of responses and many won’t be a good fit, but over time I’ve stream lined my process and usually have a place rented in about 4-5 days.

Thanks, do you mind sharing some of your stream-lining tactics?

@Christen G. I laid them out in my original response to this post. The biggest thing is sticking to your process, don’t get desperate looking for a tenant. If they miss the 10am phoneninterview that they agreed to, move on! Do not allow them to manipulate you and reschedule. If speaking with you about where they and their family could potential love and spend everyday for the next year at a minimum isn’t a high priority, neither will paying their rent.

Yeh, I get a lot of tire kickers. And they don't read the add. My first line says what town it's in and they ask what town is it in. Had one guy say "who is going to live there, it doesn't have a bathroom". Look at the pics dumb ***. I have some hoops for them to jump through. That weeds out a lot.