Q: How much do you spend on an average renter's bathroom rehab?

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Just spent 2k on labor and materials for a small bathroom repair and upgrade. What is your normal spend? 


$100 tile

$300 for cement board, pvc, nails, grout etc.

$200 pedestal sink

$180 shower kit (claw foot conversion) 

$100 facet

Rest is in labor ....

Hi. Over the winter I spent just under 2K for labor and around $500 for material (new fixtures, new toilet, new vinyl flooring, wood to replace the floor).

The bathroom was a mess. The pipes kept freezing and there was a mold issue (the bathroom was like this when I bought it - not sure how my inspector missed it and it turns out the floor was rotting as well.

My handyman couldn't get another tub surround in there and so he installed these wall panels/planks that were waterproof. I forget what they're called but I think they have the letter z in the name. They ended up looking pretty good. 

He used a few layers of wood to replace the floor - he showed me the old wood and it was bad - rotten. 

We closed off the window and that remedied the freezing pipes as well. I know I have the before photos - I don't know if I took after photos or not but the handyman did a good job. 

I have to have a ventilation system put in (since we removed the window the city requires this) and my electrician wanted me to be in town for that - so thanks for reminding me to call him. :-)