This black stuff is ROACH POOP!

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Since 2004, I've been in the biz without a serious roach issue. But, I guess it was my time plus I knew I shouldn't have let this tenant move in.   I own a house in a challenging part of town and I've always had a long vacancy when my tenants move out.  So, when this lady applied, I relaxed my screening and on top of that, the government(Section 8) paid 100% of her rent.  After 3 years of renting to her and finding out she was completely FILTHY, I had to choose peace of mind over money so I terminated her lease.  

     I knew she was dirty, but when I took possession after she moved out, I was in shock walking in the door.  I had the place treated for roaches a month before she moved out but once the place was empty, OMGsus!!!!  I walked in and smelled that familiar smell of funk and burned almonds.  Looking around I saw that tell tale sign of black dotted stains around the outlets and the light switches, pic is attached.  

I took a few of the outlets off and saw the above image.  I've always wondered what that black powder-like paste was every time roaches were present.  After doing some research on the internet and talking to my mentor I finally found out what it is....


  Yes, when roaches have a trail they like to follow behind the walls, they leave droppings during their travels.  I took off the outlet and poop was caked on the receptacles and piled up behind the face plates.  The smell took me weeks to remove, and I'm sure I didn't get all of it because it's behind the walls.  My appliances were ruined(didn't get a pic of those) plus no body wanted to work in the unit while I was treating it for roaches.  Lesson learned; Be more proactive when you know roaches are present, from the beginning.  After being cursed out several times from my mentally sick tenant, I couldn't get a contractor to go do any work, neither did I want to go over to the house.  But, I got her out and it's now roach free, plus I have some great new tenants.  I'm glad I got rid of her in order to receive a blessing of a peaceful person in my unit.  Please tell me, what roach stories you've had BP????

@Kris Haskins ,

Yeah.... that's not pepper...... 

We did a beautiful rehab, 100% bug free..  had a nice, young solider  (we're very pro military) ..and then 1 month in, the tenant shows us pictures of obviously baby roaches in the oven.. 100% disgusting.    We hired Orkin, for 1 year.. every 2 months, they "sprayed" and we confirmed with the tenant that he could let them in the house... so we thought everything was settled and taken care of.. he did mention ants another time, but nothing more ..  this is where it gets bad.    He moves out.  He never let Orkin in. 

Roaches were EVERYWHERE-- in the dryer, in the washer, cabinets, bathroom,  in the freezer, roach poop in all the new cabinets, in every cubby, it was DISGUSTING!!!!!!!   I chewed Orkin out like no other, and had them spray 2x, still didn't take care of it.. really hard b/c it was a duplex,  but then we hired a 3rd exterminator and he finally solved the problem...  I literately use 17 tubes of caulk in a 650 sq ft apartment to try and block places for them.

Rough trip down memory lane, but yeah.. you aren't the only one!

Wait till one day when you have to open a wall up, and see all the dead roaches and poop in there. You will VOMIT. Just by looking at your pictures, I can smell the "roach" smell, that unfortunately I am way too familiar with myself.

I bought a foreclosed duplex three months ago.  One side was empty, the owner who lost the duplex, but the other side was and still rented.  The owner's side was a disaster and roach invested, roach poop everywhere.  I have killed all the roaches, complete paint and new floors throughout.  All new appliances and baseboards, but I still had the roach smell especially in the kitchen behind the cabinets.  I have scrubbed down the cabinets but obviously cannot get under or behind the cabinets.  I have used an ozone machine, but still, have roach odor in the duplex.  Anyone have any suggestions to try to get rid of the smell completely?


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Yikes. How was your first choice not burning the place down and starting fresh? 


After seeing the photos, that would have been my preferred course of action. My skin is crawling just from seeing it. I couldn't imagine walking in there, and am appalled that somebody could live there by choice.