Prospective Tenant - Used to use

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Just curious if anyone else has come across this.

You meet some nice folks who want to rent from you. They seem normal, all other requirements are OK.

Like any good landlord, you scan their social media. You find out that this individual, or perhaps both, used to be drug users. They are now clean, according to their Instagram, or Twitter, or whatever.

What goes through your mind, and how does it play into your overall evaluation? Does making this part of your evaluation potentially tie to discrimination laws?

Drug users and alcoholics are not a protected class so discriminate all you want-they may however belong to a real protected class-veteran, gay, lesbian etc- don’t overlook that! 

As far as how it might affect my descision making process; I am more influenced by income, credit and past record with employers and landlords as a reflection of their character and behavior.

They may or may not still be using, their friends however very likely are. Personally I do not like drug users or abusers of alcohol and I would reject their application regardless.

I have a very strict policy regarding giving people a second does not increase my bottom line and is therefor not my practice. Social workers investing in real estate can operate a secont chance business.

There are lower risk fish in the sea.