Corporate lease for an apartment in Jersey City NJ

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Hi Bigger pockets! I just got an email regarding someone wanting to rent one of my units in Jersey City, NJ. He’s from out of state and claims to be relocating for work. He wants to sign the lease through an LLC that he owns and he wants me to allow him to sub lease the apartment when he’s not living in it. A big red flag is that he mentioned he would furnish the apartment. Duh! Of course you are furnishing it it’s unfurnished to begin with as per the listing. My fear is that he plans on leading my apartment and will use it as an Airbnb the whole time and rarely, if ever, occupy he apartment. So my question is this. Is signing leases and then trying to make a profit through Airbnb a thing? Is this guy just trying to flip my apartment for a few bucks a month and I’m not going to have any idea who’s living in my unit? Anybody deal with something like this before. P.s- This is so sketchy that I’m almost certainly not going to allow this guy to rent the apartment. I just want to know if this is something that I as a landlord need to watch out for. Thanks!

smells shady to me, however the the fact that he wants to put as the leasse wouldn't concern me so much since would put his name and the LLC on the lease and you would take his personal social security # to run a background check either way, but the fact that he told you that he is planing to sublease it that a red flag to me.