I Have a tenant that has a broken AC. I had a capacitor fixed a few weeks ago within hours of the notice, it was Saturday at 3. They called again tonight at 7 and said it was out again. My guy said he could be out tomorrow afternoon to fix. I offered that they could go buy a window unit, and take it out the rent, but they said they didn’t have the $100 to buy one. I feel bad, and I told them to hang tight and use some fans till tomorrow. It is dangerously hot out there, and is a liability. I could of personally went and bought a window unit and installed it, but that’s not the type of scalable business I want to run, I know it’s not what high effeciency landlords do. We did find a neighboring AC guy to come look at it tonight for $85, but I’m thinking that one hour AC type places charges $200-300 for after hours calls? Maybe in the future I’ll have them preemptively buy a window unit for just this case. Any fellow landlords have advice?