Tenant Screening Online Software

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am looking for a little bit of personal insight.  I am placing my tenants in my first duplex that was closed on a week ago.  It looks like this question has been posted many times over on BP and on different sites.  Most of the threads that I found while quickly rummaging through at work were a little dated.  What is the best site to use for background, eviction, credit, criminal checks?  I've seen Cozy, Transunion, Experian, Tenantify, Rentprep, etc.  Really appreciate the personal insight of those that have had success with quality experiences placing quality tenants.   Thanks everyone.

I normally use Residentresearch.com  but have started using the online application that Zillow has. It has really worked well. People can use their same application for various properties for 30 days with no additional costs.

I'm trying to not pitch my own service Jeff, just letting you know that RentPrep is the only service that performs the verifications of employment/rental history. It's possible for us becuase have a staff of Certified Screeners that compile each report by hand. And we do the verifications the old fashion way of actually calling the employers and landlords to get the info straight from the source. 

Zillow's new screening is Experian Connect, so you'll get a credit report. They use a multi share feature, as John mentioned, that allows the tenants to use that same report for other landlords if they don't get your place. It's a pretty sweet product they built I have to admit. But they do not verify employment or rental history. And from most of the landlords I've spoken to, the multi share is great in markets that are super competative (like Seattle) but in smaller markets the fear is that they're making it too easy for an applicatant to apply all over the place without making any commitments. So, from a sales perspective as a landlord, it may not be the best tool. If you're a tenant that's looking to apply to a bunch of properties, it's the perfect tool. 

Hope this helps.