Strategies for Tenants not paying rent on time/

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You can find examples online.  Be sure to use the correct form — it’s different for a tenant at will versus a tenant on a lease.  Are you new to property management?  I’m somewhat shocked that you manage 200 units, but have never issued a notice to quit.

I would recommend getting a mentor in your company. Managing 200 units will have several issues in addition to late payers and late payers are an expectation in larger properties that require the right approach in a consistent manner. Download your states landlord and tenant laws . Most states have a easy to read handbook.
In general, always charge late fees on late payers. No exceptions......ever.
Place Pay or quit notices after 3 days late
Learn how to evict non payers and follow through on the process as described in your states’ laws.
The goal of this site is to educate all comers but just out of curiosity, how did you manage to get into this job position and how much experience do you have managing rentals?

You can look up the MA landlording laws at

If you are responsible for this, and have never done this before, I recommend you hire a good landlord/tenant attorney in MA.  MA is the most tenant friendly state in the nation, competing with CA.  The courts are wildly biased in favor of the tenants, and the tenants get free legal counsel.  You don't.  There are lots of professional tenants in MA, and eviction, if you screw it up the first time, can take years. There are times that a $30,000 offer of cash in return for them handing you the keys will get turned down.    Don't mess around trying to self help the first time.  

And I'm also curious as to how you got in this position of managing 200 units while never having conducted an eviction or having any idea of how to handle a late paying tenant.  Would you mind sharing so we understand?

Coming at this from the prevention side, put e-payment in the lease, I use Cozy. This eliminates the lateness due simply to disorganization.  That was me when I was a renter! Anyone who doesn't have a bank account or can't maintain the balance enough for e-payment you don't want as a tenant, IMO.