Convert back to SFH or leave duplex (small town)

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Just bought a duplex (SFH previously converted to a duplex) in a small town (New Castle, IN, about 40 minutes east of Indianapolis). Needs total rehab regardless. Question is, what would be easier to rent and manage in a small town like this? Rent for 2/1 duplex would be around $400 per unit, and as a 4/2 SFH probably $650 range. This street has 1 4-plex fully rented but all the other homes are SFH. Eventually this will be a long distance investment because I plan to move out of state in 5 years. Rehab would be cheaper and easier as SFH. I am leaning towards SFH, but I would like to hear some opinions as to why a duplex would be better (other then the $150 increase in rent as a duplex). Thank you all!

Last I checked 800$ is more than 650$ .. 

think long term instead of initial rehab costs . There's no way I'd convert a duplex to a SFH . that would be like taking a v8 engine out of a truck and putting a little 4 cylinder in it ! Your doing this to make money . Millennials and seniors like apartments . there's 80 million + baby boomers that are set to downsize and of coarse get health complications in the coming years . Millennials don't care about the big yard big house and white picket fence . They just want a spot to play video games and get drunk

Thank you for all of the input. I am going to leave it as a duplex, it makes a lot more sense after taking everything into consideration!