How to protect your property after closing with tenants??

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Does anyone know how to protect your property when you close on a property and you have to give a month to month tenant a 30 day notice to move out? Worried about them destroying things. Insurance companies seem to ignore/don't understand the worry I have. Any advice helpful.

@Teresa Oss To me this is one of the most stressful parts of our product life cycle. I try to communicate openly with the tenant and keep it very reapectful / professional. I’d offer to give them their security deposit back on moveout day after inspection of all goes well. Fortunately I’ve never had to do this, but you could also do a “keys for cash”. Basically leveling with hem and offering additional cash at moveout as long as they do not trash the place. You position it as a little something to help with thier next place. I hope it works out for you.
I think if you’re friendly and professional and communicative, you’ll do just fine. You hear of all the ‘bad tenant stories’, but often the tenant has been considering moving too. Let them know why you are doing this (business reasons, rehabbing, etc (of course, not too much detail - but enough so it’s an ‘it’s not you, it’s me’). And remind them how you need the house left to get their full deposit back. ‘You don’t need to deep clean since we’re renovating, but al your stuff needs to be out, not trash, etc

Thank you very much for your reply. I want to give them as much notice as possible but I am owner occupying so only have 60 days to move in which basically gives them a 30 day notice and I get the feeling they are already seem upset. Can you legally let them know while doing an inspection. They are not posting pending on realtor and I am not sure of rules on but feel if it was would give renters an idea of what they need to plan for.

Like your insurance company I do not understand your worry. Tenants rarely do intentional damage.

You are more likely to create a self fulfilling prophecy by worrying. Just give them notice and stop worrying. What ever happens , happens.

@Teresa Oss You can’t be a pushover . Be firm right out oF the gate . Being a landlord means being confrontational sometimes . If they sense weakness or timidity they will blow you off . Just tell them straight up your intentions . If they give you crap tell them you’ll allow them out of the lease today