[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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@Carlos Patterson , a few questions for you. Why are you using only 5% for vacancy and 6% for CapX? And only 5% for PM? Do you already have a company who agreed to do it for just 5%? If any of those numbers change, you may want to re-run your report with higher numbers. 

@Carlos Patterson Is this a duplex or a SFH? Where is it located? With a RES loan I’d use 5.4-5.5% interest. When you use PM they take 50-100% of first months rent so I’d use at least 12% in vacancy to account for that.
@Carlos Patterson Your percentages are way off Property manager try 10% atleast Vacancy atleast 8% - your miscellaneous expense fund would cover those though The reality is even if your numbers were accurate your deal is marginal at best . I’d keep looking there’s not enough meat on the bone in this deal