Is the R.E. Home market about to crash again?

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I'm a long established Energy Management broker representing many landlords and businesses through guaranteed Electric and Natural Gas contracts along wth reduction plans. My background is Accounting, Finance, Equities trading/Financial planning and worked in Commercial leasing in Manhattan back in the early 90's. My company is now well established and being around many building owners and property managers have learned a tremendous amount about Real Estate. I've also put together a group of investors looking for cash flow positive properties and would consider flips although not our focus. 

I'm looking for other building owners, investors, attorney's, hard money lenders, etc. who are interested in networking. I'm in Fort Lee but am looking down in Central Jersey too for deals. 

Also, if anyone would like some solid advice on how to navigate the very difficult process of Electric and Natural Gas third party contracts to actually save your buildings money through a proven Energy Management program feel free to ask. I specialize in Commercial, Warehousing, Multi family housing, Hotels, Restaurants and Fitness facilities.

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@Marc Roth

Where is the information about if the market is about to crash?

Is there ever a specific information about any crash? Did we have one 10 years ago?

With the change in tax laws, rising interest rates and a luxury market that’s clealry slowed now and prices coming down substantially there’s quiet a bit of info. to consider. 

We now have the case-Schiller latest report to add to the mix.