Looking for forms: Rental application and move in/move out forms

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We are preparing our first property for our first tenant.  I have found templates for our lease agreement, pet addendum and a move out cleaning addendum.  However, there are some other forms I need to be pointed towards.

I am in need of a move in/move out a checklist, so the tenant can make a note at move-in of any concerns they have regarding the condition of the premises and to establish responsibility for any damages at the time of move out.

I also need a rental application.  Strangely, I haven't found one.  

Another helpful document would be a tenant screening checklist.  How do you prescreen tenants at first contact, and do you have a form for providing for a full criminal background and credit check?

I realize this is a lot of questions, and I want to thank you if you take the time to respond to my questions.  Any additional advice is welcome!

Whatever screening company you choose should provide you with an application.  I would suggest NTNonline.com if you don’t already have one. They will provide an on-line link and a paper application.  PLEASE, do not use a lease off the internet.  Leases are governed by state law and you need a lease that is specific to your state.  Talk to a local attorney.  Your state law probably specify info about the move in -move out too.  You may not need an actual form.

Go here on BP for your State specific lease agreement. click on "Store" above and click on the link to the right "Lease Agreement" and then pick the State you want the agreement to work with. you can also go to " Tools" and then "Fileplace" to see if anyone has downloaded any other forms you may want. here is a  move in/out check list i created that is on the site: