Tenant Present for Walk Through / Keys

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Tenants lease ends today and did not provide 15 days notice for move out inspection as required in my state. They are planning to give us the keys at the move out inspection even though the lease explicitly states that keys must Be returned within 24 hours of lease end. Should I just let them come to walk through and get keys then or force them to return the keys before and let them walk through?

@Scott Davidson ,

I can't speak for your state's laws but in CA I would never let the tenant keep the keys past the move out inspection.  I tell them the keys are due at the time of walk through since they can go back into the house.  I continue to charge the tenants until I have possession, which includes keys.

What you could do if you choose to and which is probably better in your case is to complete the walk through and then let them leave.  What I do is as soon as they leave I walk out to my truck and grab another lock set for each door and change the locks or rekey the doors immediately.  I usually have tenants ready to move in shortly after and I don't want to have to wait for keys, which may not show up.

If your state's law is that the tenants they have 24 hours to get you the keys then wait the required time and if they don't give you the keys the worst part may be you have to have a few keys made for your locks.  Take the master key to your local hardware store and make a few keys.  For less than $10 you can get possession of your home, get new keys and know your home is secure.

Good luck,