Property MAnagement Amarillo, Texas

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Looks like I am going to need help placing a tenant in a condo in Amarillo. Nice area, walk to AC, but no luck off craigslist or zillow...But I have to be picky. Any recommendations for a property manager? Is the MLS the best way to find a slighly higher calibur of tenant in a kind of lower wage kind of area? Thanks.

what were your original plans? To manage long distance? 

Market is slow right now. Everyone hurried to be in before school started, including students at AC.

Condos are super rare in this area as well, so not many people seek out condos, 

I may be wrong, but I don’t think many property managers in this area do placement, they want the full service obviously as placement is the hardest part. There are some agents that will list on the mls for a fee.

Good luck.