Removing a tenant from an existing lease.

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I currently have a rental with 2 adults (husband and wife) on the lease. She called me today and stated that they are getting a divorce and that she wants to stay. I inherited them, but she says she makes enough money and they have been excellent since we took over; the place is immaculate, they pay early, and I've yet to have any issues. I'll verify her income, but I think that will be fine. I haven't spoken with him yet, I'm hoping that he will be cooperative in everything. How should I deal with removing him from the lease? Can I simply draft up something that states "this terminates the lease I signed on such and such a date." And have him sign that? If he is uncooperative, where should I go from there? This is our first rental and I feel like this is something that could go sideways if I don't have my ducks in a row. Thanks for any suggestions.

Keep him on the lease.  Just because he moved out doesn't release him of his obligation.  Do you think the bank will let him off their car note?  Nope, not in a million years.  Their marital status isn't your problem.  Stay out of it and be thankful she's in the position to pay the rent.  Make sure to let her know you will not allow their divorce and the drama that usually follows to affect the timely monthly rental payments.     

Don't take him off the contract. When it comes up for renewal you can screen her as an individual and then make changes, if you decide.