Investor Friendly Brokerage in Casper

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I am wondering if there are any investor friendly brokerages in Casper, Wyoming?  I am currently a licensed agent in Colorado but we are looking to relocate to Casper next year. I have used my license for my own buy and hold purchases as well as a few other deals a year to help fund my down payments. I would appreciate any recommendations anyone has. I have not begun the process of calling around yet I was just curious if anyone has had a good experience.  Thanks!

@Nick Hamar Welcome! I too have heard very good things about Alisha Collins although I haven't used her yet. Stay away from Michelle Trost Hall! We used them for our first investment property simply because they were the ones who had the property listed. Big mistake. They kept calling our bank trying to get them to tack on a bunch of fees to our loan and saying I knew about said fees. My bank of course called me before doing so and I raised hell and got the fees taken off. Will not do business with them again! If they have a property I am interested in I will use a buyer's agent and be on top of their rediculous fees from the get go.