How to invest 400k in rental properties in Orlando,FL

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Hello Guys,

What is the best way to invest $ 400k in rental properties in Orlando,FL so as to get the highest ROI + Appreciation?

How much net income is realistic with $ 400k in cash.

Thank You

BE CAREFUL!  Orlando is overheated.  Google "can the average worker afford the average house in Orlando"?

Appreciation is going to be tough given how high the market is and cashflow is going to be hard for the same reason.

Orlando really is over heated and it is so disappointing as a newbie! 

Want a great deal? Sounds like you're looking at Oak Ridge or OBT in the B.A.D. parts. Everything else that is desired is just mid 200's for the most part and even then everything is put on contract at the snap of a finger. 

Yeesh. But just got to keep looking! 

@Navid T. For rental properties, I'd desire to stick to locations around the theme parks for the flow of tenants year round. That, or I'd head out to the major airports like MCO.