How long do we keep tenants stuff after they leave?

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Purchased a duplex in Colorado and I'd like to know how long we are required to store/hold onto the tenants property they left behind after they move out? 

The tenant has agreed to leave and has signed documents stating they are leaving on Sept 10th. The house is currently unattended and boarded up due to law enforcement. Is there a required timeline or do I need to send notification to the tenant letting them know my intentions if they choose to leave belongings behind?

Any help would be appreciated.



You keep it for the time specified in your state landlord regulations surrounding "abandoned property". Understanding your local laws is apart of being a landlord.

@Curtis M. You have a signed document from your tenant stating they will be out on the 10th. Anything left behind can be disposed of on the 11th in my opinion. This is different from an eviction.

In my opinion, if they’re not back to collect their belongings by the signed document date, I’d dispose of them by the 11th. you’re not legally obligated to hold anything past that. You need to start cleaning out the rental and prep it for your new tenant so there’s no extra time. 

I'm a landlord in Colorado.

Property left behind by tenants, without a specific storage agreement from you, is considered abandoned if the tenants had enough notification to take their items with them.  In your case, it sounds like they have had advance notice that 9/10 is the move out day.

You can dispose of their items the next day.  If they abandon them inside the house, you can choose to put them out on the curb for them to pick up, since they won't have access to the interior any more, then dispose of the items from the curb 24 hours later (like an eviction) - but that's not strictly required.