Eviction: Trial with no ruling

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I went through eviction trial as the landlord and the judge stated she would need to review all the evidence before ruling. It has been 4 days and I haven't heard anything from my lawyer. The judge recommended we work it out or it wouldn't be good for either of us if she rules. I tried to give the tenant 30 day with no payment and they didn't take the offer. I ask my attorney on how long it would take before the judge rules and he stated the judge can take as long as she wants. Any advice? Has anyone gone through trial without getting a ruling on the same day? If so, how long did it take? Is there any legal action I can take to have the judge rule quicker because all the offer I made to the tenant is not being answered and my attorney just want me to wait it out.

Originally posted by @Rommel Pascual :

The judge recommended we work it out or it wouldn't be good for either of us if she rules.

Presumably, parties only seek the court if they cannot reach an agreement themselves.  What a stupid thing to say.  So, the judge is going to "punish" you for bringing this before the court?  Things just keep getting more and more crazy for you folks out on the west coast.  I'm empathetic to you people trying to run an ethical business to provide for your families and have to constantly be painted as the "greedy landlord" for trying to make a living. 

Good luck to you.  It's easy for me to say this, but at some point you guys need to vote with your feet.

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We often have to wait up to a month or more to get a official ruling. Wait it out, there is no advantage to pushing a judge and risking pi**ing them off. Be patient.

 Has this happened to you? What was the outcome?

I have had dozens of rulings over the years.  They go either way depending on the adjudicator. Court rulings are always based on which side presents the best case. Legal rulings are not based on a indivules guilt or innosence.