Squatter won’t pay rent!

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So I inherited a squatter at closing. He was listed as “boyfriend” of previous tenant on lease I inherited from seller. Problem is that lease expired May 2018. The original tenant on the lease moved out on expiration of lease and i never met her. Now this boyfriend is late on rent. He’s technically not on lease. I’m planning to ask my agent to post a 3-day notice on Monday. But I’m not sure that even applies as technically he’s not my tenant as he never signed a lease. Has anyone dealt with this situation?

If he was living there with previous tenant’s permission, then he’s not a squatter and he had/has a legal right to live there. You’ll have to evict him if he doesn’t pay rent and you want him out.  

Here’s some more info on the process: 


(Sounds like the appropriate first step is the 3-day notice.)

Not only was he living there with the previous tenant's permission, he was living their with your knowledge! This guy is a tenant, not a squatter.

Proceed with eviction.

@Charles A. This happened to me about one month ago. Post a trespassing notice just like you would a standard 3 day notice, which you can find off of Google. Then you need to file what's called an "unlawful detainer" instead of an eviction. Follow the steps and you should have him out within 2 weeks.