Painting and Prorating

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Hello there, I have a rental property in Saint Petersburg Fl and am looking for some insight from all of you. I have some painting that needs to be done in the house, but I also have tenants in there. One of the tenants is pregnant, and is requesting that I prorate her rent for the day of painting due to fumes. I've looked into this, and from what I can tell they don't recommend women paint at all, however, there's no research been done on it to suggest that there is any risk. It's more like, nobody really knows, so don't risk it. Now this being said, should I prorate rent for them for a day (I feel like I don't really need to), or should I just recommend that they stay out of the house for a few hours, and I tell the painter to make sure all windows are open and the fan is on while he paints?

Any help with previous experiences on this would be awesome. 

I'm curious...why do you "need" to paint while the house is occupied, and the tenant doesn't want you to?

Why waste the money now, instead of just repainting during the next tenant turnover?