Landlord occupying finished basement or attic

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Is legal for an landlord to live in a finished attic or basement and rent the 1st and 2nd floor of a 2 family house in NJ? If so, whenever the landlord has to use a physical address, how will the address be listed if tenant is on 1st floor and the basement isn't an apartment? How will the issue with not being able to have Wifi installed in the basement or attic separately because it's not an apartment be handled? In my search for a multi-family home I am seeing more landlords who actually live in a finished attic or finished basement. It is something I am contemplating because my search for a 3-4 Unit is long and tedious
@Quashema Watkins That’s really strange . Sounds like a scary movie plot . Creepy old guy that came wIth the house living under the stairs and comes out at nIght ! Most of these are probably illegal units that have been added . I’d do my due diligence and be sure they are registered with the city to have such an arrangement . I hear this is common in places like nj and ny

I did that years ago (1980's) but I was actually renting rooms in the homes. I would keep a 'room' in the attic or basement so that I could store tools etc (I could do rehab on the go). I would come & go as required and be there to collect the weekly rents. Most of the guys were young engineers that worked with me on a large 5-6 year commissioning job so the 4 homes I had became more like frat houses than rentals. (I never had to buy beer). Later in life another home I had was also subject to room rentals because with so much travel my insurance carrier threatened to cancel my coverage due to prolonged absences. I eventually sold most of them after some rehab, bought more home & moved on to be just another landlord.