Airbnb Investor? How Do You Research Local Laws

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Are you an airbnb investor or potential investor? If so, I'm curious what resources are you using to research the local laws per each city? How are you going about collecting information?

Thank you!


In Florida, it is often helpful to check city codes. That said, in larger cities, an STR may only be approved in one part of the city and not another (street specific) depending on proximity to a hotel/resort.

Obviously lots of due diligence needed. One cannot depend entirely on the realtor to know all the details; they are the sales agent, not the business partner.

I've met many investors who say the master lease is the tool to use but I have not tried.

Last month at a meet up, I found a man who vacationed annually in the Keys at an illegal VRBO.  The owner just repeatedly paid the (steep) fine and returned to business as usual few weeks later. Maybe the city liked that income and therefore didn't impose any worse penalties?

Just some thoughts to consider.

Good luck.