Noisy AC Unit - What is the Landlord's Obligation

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Hi All-

I have new tenants that moved in August 1st. They've been complaining that the AC unit in the 2nd bedroom is noisy. I used to live in the apartment, so I'm aware that AC unit is a little loud. However, I "house-hacked" that room for 5 years, to 4 different roommates and no one ever complained. And then rented whole whole apartment for over a year with no complaints. Additionally, it's well known by all the owners in this condo building that the wall units are a bit loud.

I scheduled an appointment to have an HVAC technician look at it and he couldn't find a solution. This was not surprising - as many other owners have ran into the same issue and there doesn't seem to be a fix.

What is my obligation at this point? Am I required to solve this? 



Your obligation is to tell them their is no fix and that if they like they can pay to replace it with a new one.

You could also buy a inexpensive one on sale and install it next spring if you are really generous. Not something I would do but some do believe catering to tenants whining is necessary.

Window unit-I suggest you give him a choice selecting 1 from two units of similar price range, Ask him to pick one and put new one there. If the new one is as noisy he will shut up.  Old compressor has suspenders a felt or rubber grommet will damped the vibration. May be it hits the natural frequency of the frame. The new ones are quieter it is designed and mandated to operate more efficiently. Acoustics is one of the requirements. Anyone you look at  $300 bucks is a drop in a bucket vs vacant room.  You can always dispose or sell the older unit.  This is not a big deal. BTW: I used to design them and understand the in warranty noisy issues.  We issued new rubber mounts and isolate some problems. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a window unit. It’s a McQuay wall unit - not sure if that’s the correct term. More like the units you see in hotel rooms. I assume in addition to these units being more expensive, the installation would be significant.