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I recently hired a property management company to take over two of my buildings.  However, they are taking forever to do anything.  I have a one bedroom unit that is typically rented in a couple of days.  I turned it over to them cleaned and ready to rent.  However, they have only showed it 3 times in 6 weeks. today I went to get a key to show it my self and they said they were going to get a lock box "so people could self show" but all their lock boxes were being used.  (So I drove next door and bought one) what is the typical turn times from when when a renter moves out to when it is re-rented. The market is very hot right now.   I know no one cares as much as the owner so I am trying to be fair before I fire them.  Thanks for your input!  

Depends on the price and location.

Market is hot doesn't mean it's hot to rent anything: after schools are in, very seldom people are moving.

Here is the best time to rent anything: May through August 

After Labor Day it's quiet 

ps what means self Showing? Is the door unlocked in the building and people just get keys and see it?

What about squatters and scam on CL? What if someone will duplicate the keys and rent it out on fake lease taking cash deposit from unsuspected Tenants?