What to do to the outside of this multi-unit property

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I'm trying to bring this property some life & bring in better tenants. The curb appeal is a little dated but was looking for suggestions on what should be done to the appearance of the property. I thought about painting the brick white & stucco grey to give it more curb appeal, plus make it a brighter property. Or, I thought about just throwing up some lighter shutters & painting the stucco a light color.  Any suggestions or ideas, I would appreciate. 

@Adam Hutchison , I would repave / reseal the parking lot. White shutters and trim. Paint the stucco a grey / slate grey. Don't paint the brick. This usually only causes maintenance trouble down the line because the paint traps water up against the brick.

Also, landscaping trim up the bushes, maybe some plantings along the bottom of the buildings.

Lastly, what about a low white fence in front of the grass extending from each building to the center walkway. Maybe even put in some kind of arch / pergola to frame the entrance to the courtyard. Might also consider not allowing parking where the red car is. That way the courtyard always look welcoming whenever someone drives up.