Is rent subject to sales tax?

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A newbie got a question here, so thanks in advance for all answers.

I am curious if rent paid by tenant is subject to sales tax.  In other words, when a landlord collects rent, does he/she has to cut part of it for sales tax?  I live in Washington Seattle area if that matters.



Nope. Can you imagine, an 8+% rent increase for sales tax?  Even in Seattle they haven't applied that yet. LOL

@Ton Ratana

We have 50 states and each states have different rules. 
I believe some states may collect some type of hotel/occupancy tax if the stay is below 30 days. Something to be wary about.

One small town I rent in charges income tax on my net income from that town. It's only 1% for in town residents. I'm a non-resident so it's 0.5%. Check your local laws.