Settling move out charging against a tenant

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I recently had my first tenant move out and had to spend $5000 on the house after them. I sent them a claim against their security deposit for $3200 (Deposit was $1000) for the damages. This was sent within 30 days of them moving out. Of course they came back denying everything so we started to negotiate. To close this out, I offered to cut in half to $1600. They have finally came up to $1000. From here we are going nowhere and he keeps asking what the next step is. I would just like to send him a check for $400 ($2000 deposit - $1600 offer from me). If I had to go to court, I am comfortable that I would win at least $1600 but obviously I'd rather settle and be done with it. What would you out there suggest I do?


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Take the 1000 and be done with it. You’re lucky you get even that.

 I'm the landlord

You listed the deposit as 1000 and 2000.  Which is it?  Take the whole deposit for repairs if need be and then I’d be done with t and not pursue further 

@Michael Elliott  our state requires that we give an accounting of any deposit we keep within 21 days.  I don’t negotiate if I already have what I want/need to cover my costs to bring it back to “rent ready” condition.  

I send the notice with either a check for the difference or a bill for what they owe in excess of their deposit.  When they contact me I let them know we can make arrangements for payments.  If they won’t do that I let them know they may be subject to additional costs for collections, and that will hurt their future prospects for rentals as well as other credit based opportunities. 

Sometimes we go to small claims court if it’s a worthwhile amount and they have the means to pay it.  If they don’t have means, it’s just not worth the hassle.