Tenant petition to RAP City of oakland

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Just wondering if any one has had experienced before :

I just a notice from city of oakland, RAP stating that my ex-tenant filed a petition for reduce of services, for a broken and damaged fence, hole under the kitchen sink and window handlebar broken. Which all are lies. I don't have a single complain or request for service during their 10 months of tenancy. I have records of text messages for all other service request other than the ones mentioned in the petition. 

It's a four unit apartment and they lived on the second floor. Other tenants are all 6 years plus tenancy and never had any problems.

They got representation of the free tenant consultants de la rosa.

I would appreciate any  feedback or experience in the process and if i need a attorney.


@NA Bistas RAP is a PIA...  Did I read your post correctly? Your EX-tenant is petitioning for reduced services?  Did they move out on their own?  Did they move out because of those issues or for some other issue?