Contractor doing work in a property became a squatter

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I had allowed a contractor/handyman doing work on various properties I manage and own to live on site while he was doing the work in one of the apartments.  He just finished his last job and he is refusing to leave the property and is squatting stating that I will have to evict him.  Somewhere along the way the relationship started to sour.  He knew he needed to absolutely be gone by the 15, but now he is refusing to.  He has been in this particular property working for about 5 weeks. Unbeknownst to me he started receiving mail there.  I think he had this planned. Any advice?  Is he considered a tenant under the law and must be evicted or is he a trespasser?  

@Sharon Klein What you need to do is go back in time 5 weeks ago and talk to an attorney. Since you can’t do that, you can just go do that now. Best option

@Sharon Klein  ok so he was doing the work for free while you gave him a place to live? Ouch...sounds like a pretty desperate arrangement on both ends but I could be wrong. I think New York is a more tenant pro state but I know every situation is different. Do you have anything in writing stating what your agreement was? Even if you do or don’t it sounds like you need to hire an attorney to get the ball rolling on getting this guy out.

He was working job by job.  He moved from one site where he stayed for a few months, then to my other site.  I didn't have anymore work for him and he blew a cork.  I came to realize that he doesn't have a place to live.  He ran up an electric bill that we kindly asked him to pay.  When we did that he said we have to give him $3000 for watching our property or else he won't leave.  Sounds like extortion.