Tenant leaves stove on fire dept called

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A tenant of mine in a multi family building left his stove on and then left for the evenIng. It burned a pot and set off the smoke alarms. Fire department was called and they broke down his door. Who is responsible for the expense of fixing the door and any associated costs for the fire department to come out?

This is why you have insurance.

IDK what kind of property you have but I'd guess going after your tenant to catch some of your loss would be a pretty big waste of time. Who knows, maybe not.

Call your insurance company, file a claim...move on.

I disagree with the previous posters; the tenant is at fault here, and they should be held responsible since the damage was due to their negligence. If the tenant has renter’s insurance (which they should), they can turn into their insurance company. Most policies contain a minimum of $100k personal liability coverage.

This is NOT why you have insurance. You have insurance for YOUR liabilities. Your tenant was 100% responsible for the loss and they need to make you whole. Hopefully you require renters insurance. If not, send the the tenant a bill and if they won't pay, consider eviction and use their security deposit for covering your losses. 

Yeah call the insurance company and pay a big deductible to fix a 200$ door and buy a used Craigslist stove .that would be bad for two reasons - a high deductible that is probably more than what it would take to remedy the situation and the fact your insurance rates will spike up . I would not use insurance here unless there was substantial damage or smoke that ruined a lot of property