Looking for a Washington DC Attorney

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Looks like a foreclosed property I bought here on Maui has the daughter with the previous owner in it suing me.  She is tryin to get me to accept a made up 20 year lease way below market value between her and her Mother who is the previous owner.  She has filled it in the D.C Circuit Federal court under the "Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act".  I need to find an attorney in DC who can sponsor my attorney prosaic vice.  Preferably one who specializes in Real estate.  Any Suggestions on a DC attorney? I tried to represent myself and It won't let me get a log in.

I would reach out to Stuart Peacock...  he specializes in DC Real Estate...  you can find him on LinkedIn or via Google Search as it seems I can't post his contact info here.    Best of luck!  Marian