Asked for pic of license before sending Rental address

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I saw a sign advertising a couple of rentals and when I called to ask for information and if the property had pictures online they person responded that it was listed on and that if I sent a pic of my license they would send me the address.

??? If I know the area and know it's on, then ...

Is it normal to ask for a pic of your license before sending info about your rental???? Seems weird.

It seems they are being overly cautious, probably because the property is vacant and it is in a higher-than-normal crime area.  I'm not sure why they can't at least give you some pics showing the condition and layout of the inside of the unit.

When I market my properties, in my ads I show pics of the inside only (no street or address, just city neighborhood), but once I start a dialogue via email with a prospective tenant I give them the address so they can do I drive by.  However, I include a request to not walk the property prior to our showing appointment out of respect for the safety and privacy of my existing tenants also living at the property.

Maybe a RE agent out there has another angle as to why they would be so intrusive about the ID up front without at least some inside pics and an amenities list.

My guess is this person is thinking about their safety during showings and wants to have a record of who they are meeting. Females showing by themselves have to worry about personal safety regardless of area.