Help!!! My tenant told me they saw a rat OUTSIDE of the unit

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Hey Guys, 

  So I have an older couple(mid to late 50’s) I inherited from a purchase. They currently rent out a 1 bed 1 bath unit with 5 small dogs.  I was verbally told they have seen A long rat climb up a specific tree OUTSIDE of their unit. So I decided to cut down that tree and dispose of it. The tenant was very happy I acted quickly and haven’t heard anything else just yet. This rat was seen outside of their unit 10-15 feet away from their rear door. 

These are all single unit cottages a total of 8 on the property. NO SHARING WALLS with anyone. There is alot of cats who hang out in the area. Did I also mention they seem to be hoarders (So much unwanted junk in the rear of their unit by where they saw the rat) I’ve told them verbally plenty of times I wanted everything trashed since their lease states they are to keep the property clean and sanitary clear from any debris,trash,recycling ect. 

Any suggestions on what to do now? 

I have pictures of the mess they have in the rear of their unit. I have pics of them leaving their doors widely open for hours. 

I have a solid feeling they are going to try to hit me with a “We have Rats in the unit now” 

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.... Thank you!! 

Tell them the rats are living in your junk , Also tell them if its not removed in 30 days , you will dispose of it and bill them 

You've shown you are open to treating for rodents and you've taken reasonable steps to resolve the situation since they've only been noted outside the unit.  That issue seems settled from what you've described.  The junk on outside areas is a new and different situation.  Since your lease includes a clause about keeping outside areas clean of debris and belongings, I'd give them written warning with 30 days to comply.  If they fail to do so, then dispose of it and bill them as Matthew Paul suggested.  

I'd add that I would clearly communicate with the tenants that these two issues are separate.  If rodents are seen closer to the unit, then you'd have to have the area clean of debris anyway before further treatment could be performed.