Evicted tenant asking for letter to get into a shelter?

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After going to court multiple times, the judge gave the tenant until the 21st(another month) to become current on rent due. The 21st just passed so I’m hoping to hear from the sheriff soon about an eviction date. On the 21st the tenant and her adult child asked me to provide a letter stating they are getting evicted so they can get into a shelter. 

Is this letter normal? Should I send them a copy of the judge’s order? I would really prefer to have no further communication with them. 

On one hand, you can stop all communications with the tenant and wait for eviction, but it seems like giving them the documentation they need MIGHT help them move faster into a shelter, since they obviously have no other means to move into another property or with other friends. Shelter is housing of last resort before sleeping on the streets. A copy of the judges order appears to be the best documentaiton they need to show the shelter that eviction is imminent. Mailing/emailing that alone to her address seems to be sufficient without having to re-engage with the tenant. 

Dont know what jurisdiction you are in but MD for example has a housing and homeless hotline that gets the resources a tenant might need to find new housing or shelter assistance. Other states likely have a similar hotline so they could get connected to a case worker who could tell them options they were not yet aware of. Not your problem, but saying they could call a housing case worker at 211 or whatever the hotline is might be something helpful to them to allow them to move on.


Good luck and keep the eviction date once issued and follow through until the property is vacant. You need to handle your own issues while they handle their own.

It depends on what the letter says. Personally, I would tell them to wait for the eviction from the court which would sufficiently prove their situation.

@Nathan G. Yeah I’d do the same. That letter might come back to bite the landlord if used in a nefarious way! A eviction court documentation should be sufficient . What kind of a shelter would even request such a document or letter . Seems kinda odd . I’d definitely ask a lawyer before signing letters or paperwork

Thanks for the replies. Jeff Bridges-this is happening in PG County. 

I still havent heard from the sheriff yet. I also don’t know why they cant go to the District Courthouse and get a copy of the judge’s order like I did. But I’ll make a copy and hope things wrap up soon.  

Why would you consider doing anything to assist them after what they have put you through. They would get nothing from me beyond a boot out the door. 

Tell them the sheriff will have a letter for them.