Tenant Pay for Repair

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In my city the police did a recent round up for people who had outstanding warrants. My tenant was among those picked up. I'm unsure of how it was specifically done but, when this person was arrested, it left damage to the lock and the frame of the metal security door to the house.   I think I should ask the tenant to have this repaired. Do you agree? Because but for them looking for her at my property the door & frame would've remained in the  perfect working condition that it was in upon her arrival 6 months ago. Would you repair it yourself  and send the tenant a bill or would you require that the pair be professionally done with a specific number of days?

@Val J. if you wait for the tenant it may never get done.  Its your asset and in your best interest to have that property secured.  I recommend getting a hanyman out there tomorrow or do it yourself asap.  Then bill the tenant.  Add the bill to the rent due and treat it as part of the rent.  If they pay the rent but not the bill its considered late.  If they make arrangements with you to pay it off in payments then I would personally be ok with that as long as they made the payments.  First one missed and its on to protocol of a 3 day notice to comply and then proceed with the eviction.  

Hope that helps.  Good luck.

In my city, the police will pay for any damage they cause to the home. If they kicked in the door, they should pay for it. Call the police department to find out.