Need to Change Door Locks at Triplex Rental-Which Ones Work Well?

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Hi All,

When we purchased a Triplex Rental in 2015 we installed the Kwikset Smartcode Keyless Entry/Code Levers and Deadbolt Locks However, with the normal wear and tear/ usage of the two main entry doors to the units foyer area, we have had more than 5 service calls on the locks (for batteries, lock mechanism not functioning, etc.) and both front door Locks have had to be replaced once already and I am thinking it is time to use a different Door Lock method. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on which key lock system has worked well for them? 

I have been heavily considering changing the complete building to a fob system.

Does anyone have any insight on the key fob setup? Functionality? Cost associated with the setup of the fob system?

Thank you for your time and insight and I look forward to your responses,

Aziza N. Sackett

Multifamily & Mobile Home Park Investor

@Aziza Sackett I have been very pleased with land lord locks. They provide a master key for all locks, you can remove cylinders for re-keying locks (way cheaper) and so far it is been relatively maintenance free. I use their locks for the 32 units I manage locally in the Berwyn and Lyons area here in Chicago. I also use them on a 20 unit I have out of state in Indiana. 

I like to use Kwikset Smartkey.  You can rekey a lock in about 30seconds.  No batteries, bluetooth, software, firmware issues to worry about.

Hi @John Warren and @Chad Hale ! Thank you both for your responses. We use Kwikset Smartkey in our personal home and our Locksmith just reminded me that Kwikset Smartkey is an option. He also brought up the Landlord locks idea as well.  So thank you both for sharing. Since we are out of state owners and wont be there for the installs, we are currently collecting the associated cost for both ideas and we will go from there. Thank you once again.