Creative Solutions for Managing Packages at 100+ Unit Multifamily

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Does anyone have any creative solutions for managing packages at 100+ unit apartment complexes? At one of our assets, UPS and FedEx will deliver to the resident's doors, but USPS refuses to since we have a central mail room. We currently keep packages in the leasing office, but since the office isn't open 24/7 this causes some residents to be frustrated. Our PM company knows there are package locker solutions out there, but many are expensive. We have heard about software solutions as well, so just looking for any insight. 


@Ben Kahle it’s not very innovative, but for assets that size we build a bank of parcel lockers using various sizes of something like this: It’s much more affordable than the Amazon Hub and other similar high tech solutions. And it keeps the packages out of the on site office, we don’t want our managers to have the liability or burden of dealing with them.

I like @Matt Clark idea, but does the mailman put them in there. How do the residents know they are there? Are they locked? Does every resident get a key? We recently bought a 101 rental townhome community in Ohio and we thought we would have that problem so I reached out to Turns out, so far, we don't have a problem so we haven't pursued it. I also saw an interesting article from the National Apartment Association that charges the tenants to have a package pickup locker.